What is Transaction Assurance?

Last year we launched our Transaction Assurance product which sets a new standard for banks and fintechs to understand their compliance controls with regards to transactions. We are already working with customers like Ramp to give them “the confidence to walk into any regulator and say I know I don’t have a breach.”

I recently spoke with Sheetal Parikh, Deputy General Counsel and VP Compliance at Treasury Prime about this new product. Here is a clip explaining what Transaction Assurance is:


What are the alternatives?

Without Transaction Assurance, the only way to test the effectiveness of controls like Transaction Monitoring is through manual sampling. Sheetal explains the traditional method here:


More from my conversation with Sheetal

We also talked about Transaction Monitoring, how BaaS or Embedded Banking banks implement it, and whether or not it should be retroactive or real time. You can find our thoughts on those topics below!


What is Transaction Monitoring?


How do Banking as a Service banks do Transaction Monitoring?


Should Transaction Monitoring be retroactive or real time?

If you want to find out more about Transaction Assurance and how it can help you save time and money, as well as increase your confidence when talking with regulators, get in touch for a demo today.

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