An Update to our Operating System

An Update to our Operating System

When Katie and I first started Cable we wanted to be proactive and intentional about building a business that prioritized the right things - our customers, our team, and the longevity of our business. With only 5 people in the room, we came up with our Operating System or OS - our take on the Principles we believed were required to achieve success and to do so in the way that incentivized the right behaviors.

Over the years our Operating System has been a fantastic hiring tool, the basis of our performance review process, fundamental to how we treat customers and each other, and a huge part of Cable.

As with everything at a fast-growing startup trying to achieve brand new and exciting challenges, things change and culture should evolve. We first updated our OS in January of 2022 to reflect the stage of business we were at that point in time. We had raised our seed round and were 16 people, fighting for product market fit.

Today, with 27 Cables, our $11m Series A in the bank, and a growing list of US and European banking, fintech, and crypto customers, it is time to update our OS once again.

The changes that we are making now stay true to who we are and our core beliefs, but simplify what we need to be intensely focused on: kindness, clarity, speed, and responsibility.

You can see our NEW Operating System below, and I’d love to hear any feedback and thoughts you have! You can email me at

The Cable Operating System
The concept behind company values is great, but so often they are hard to implement. How many employees can recite their company values? How do you make sure they are actually used to make decisions? And how do you align or combine the values and the culture you are trying

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