Cable Product Announcement: Financial Crime Risk Assessment Subscription

Cable Product Announcement: Financial Crime Risk Assessment Subscription

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Cable's Financial Crime Risk Assessment Subscription—Building on our game-changing solution empowering compliance leaders to grow and protect their businesses.

Financial crime risk assessments are critical to regulatory compliance and business growth decisions—But the vast majority of firms still rely on entirely manual processes, evaluations, and spreadsheets.

This new offering enables compliance leaders to rapidly start using our best-in-class automated solution which fundamentally transforms how financial firms do risk assessments and gives teams the necessary tools to no longer feel as though they are sticking a finger in the air with risk assessments.

If you’re looking for a smarter, better way to gain risk insights to propel your business and compliance teams forward, Cable’s Financial Crime Risk Assessment is built for you.

Key Benefits

Get smarter on risks. Reduce guesswork for risk identification and scoring and focus on risks that matter most.
Actions tracking. Use streamlined workflow tools to coordinate and record actions based on your risk assessment.
Stakeholder Approval. Communicate and get sign-off easily from key stakeholders, and say yes more confidently to growth decisions.

Get started today with simple and flexible pricing that scales with your business and seamlessly upgrades to our end-to-end assurance suite as your programs grow.

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