Yonder Teams with Cable to Automate Financial Crime Assurance and Oversight

Yonder Teams with Cable to Automate Financial Crime Assurance and Oversight

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Yonder, a London-based startup offering a modern lifestyle rewards credit card, to enhance its financial crime compliance and oversight processes.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Cable to build out our financial crime compliance program,” said Theso Jivajirajah, Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer of Yonder. “Now we're starting to scale our member base, we needed a solution that could ensure our regulatory compliance as we grow, without any major headcount increases. Cable’s automated monitoring across our financial crime controls helps Yonder address any issues right away, meet our regulatory requirements, and focus on serving our members better.”

Yonder's modern credit card offers their members highly-curated rewards like exclusive drinking, dining, and leisure experiences in London, as well as a host of travel benefits and other protections. It was founded in 2021 to challenge the status quo of current UK credit card providers with an innovative, customer-centric credit card offering.

Cable’s all-in-one platform of automated and smart tools enables fintechs like Yonder to conduct tech-enabled risk assessments, automated assurance, quality assurance, management information, reporting, and more. It unlocks new capabilities for compliance teams through real-time, comprehensive control monitoring and automation of manual, time-consuming compliance processes, enabling compliance leaders to say yes more confidently to growth decisions.

“We’re proud to partner with an innovative startup like Yonder that is re-imagining and challenging traditional credit card offerings,” said Natasha Vernier, Cable CEO.

“Successful fintechs today set themselves apart by insisting on compliance excellence. We’re excited to help Yonder build its complete financial crime compliance tech stack and integrate automated compliance systems at the core of its compliance program from early on.”

Interested in automating your financial crime assurance and oversight?

Contact us here to find out how we can help or book a demo to see Cable’s platform in action.

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