Why your compliance team isn’t effective and how to improve

Why your compliance team isn’t effective and how to improve

Your compliance team isn’t reaching its full potential.

That may sound like a bold statement. But after listening to many compliance teams’ pain points, frustrations, and desires, we’re convinced most teams aren’t operating as effectively as they could.

If you’re a compliance leader, you’ve seen the issues. Simply checking off a list of controls isn’t enough in today’s regulatory landscape. Rigorously testing those controls is essential to find issues and show wary regulators and stakeholders that controls are actually effective.

But despite endless testing efforts, compliance teams feel stuck in a Sisyphean struggle, spending all of their time fighting constant “fires,” but seeing little pay-off from their work. It’s no surprise that over 50% of compliance officers are burned-out by their work.

The real question is this: how do you break this pattern?

The key to unlocking your compliance team's potential is to develop razor-sharp clarity on the purpose and objectives of testing.

In our free guide available below, we break down what this means in practice for your team.

Ask yourself: do you have team-wide alignment on the “why” behind all of your testing? Most teams don’t. This needs to be a top priority if you want your compliance team to be effective.

If you or your compliance team are tired of always playing catch-up, you need this guide.

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