Product Update: Quality Assurance Trails

Product Update: Quality Assurance Trails

What comes to mind when you think of your financial crime Quality Assurance processes? If you’re like most compliance officers, you’d probably say…time-consuming? 🕚 Manual? ✍ Excel spreadsheets and formulas? 📊 Frustrating? 🤦 A mix of all of these things?

What difference would a more streamlined, automated QA process make in your work?

We know some parts of the assurance process always need human judgment, but so much of it does not. Yet, these are the steps often causing the most headaches – steps like setting sample parameters, running database queries, switching between tools, picking samples, setting QA questions, logging answers, and analyzing the data.

Our new feature, QA Trails, automates and streamlines ALL of these manual processes for you. Spend your time and energy on the parts of assurance that actually require human review, and leave the rest to us.

What does a better QA process look like?

From pulling a sample all the way to reporting results, our QA Trails do the work for you.


Compliance officers spend hours each month solely selecting accounts for review. But with QA Trails, generating sample populations based on any parameters and cadence you decide is quick and easy.

For example, you can easily set up a new QA Trail type to review 5% of your true positive PEPs – or, alternatively, 10% of your manually-reviewed IDV tasks – on a monthly basis.

Once you’ve set up a QA Trail type, a new QA Trail will be opened automatically at your chosen cadence with a randomized sample using your parameters. Instead of spending hours manually selecting a sample over and over, let our QA Trails automate sampling and put your time to more important use.

Setting QA Questions

Our QA Trails give you a streamlined process to get answers to the questions that matter most.

For each QA Trail type that you set up, choose from among our pre-set questions or customize the particular questions and answers that will apply to the sample.

Either way, all the work needed to set up your manual review can be completed in a fraction of the usual time. And, as you complete your review, each answer is stored and easily accessible in the QA Trail, so you can be confident that your QA process is fully auditable.

Analyzing and Reporting Results

Compliance officers in particular will really love this next part of our QA Trails! Once your review is done, you can now entirely skip the steps of transferring answers to a spreadsheet, organizing them, and analyzing data. We do everything for you.

After a QA Trail is closed, you get report-ready statistics about the results for each question asked. Filter these results in any way you want, add comments, or simply take a screenshot for your next report to stakeholders.

Get rid of your spreadsheets, formulas, and manual data entry. Our QA Trails handle all the number-crunching for you, giving you everything you need to make incredible reports in a matter of seconds.

QA Dashboard - A Simple, Single Source of Truth

Your QA processes are only as useful as the insights you gain. Our simple, easy-to-understand QA Dashboard gives you one source of truth constantly summarizing the outcomes of all your QA Trails for you.

The QA Dashboard is an absolute game-changer for compliance officers.

Most crucially, the QA Dashboard shows where your controls are resulting in correct or incorrect outcomes, across each area of the financial crime framework.

Operationally, you also have all the real-time metrics you need at hand. For instance, use the QA Dashboard to check on the number of overdue QA Trails or your SLA adherence levels, or monitor your team’s workload and efficiency.

With the QA Dashboard, your QA information is automatically gathered where it should be and makes the most sense. You’ll wonder how you ever managed QA without it.

What else do you gain through automating QA?

The time you gain by automating the parts of QA not requiring human review will let you focus on the parts of QA that do require a human.

For example, what do your results mean about the state of your controls? Are you testing for the right things? With QA Trails, you can spend your time on what matters most.

You’ll also gain more flexibility to deploy your team members to have the greatest impact.

Maybe you can do QA more frequently or across a broader set of controls because the process is so easy with QA Trails. Or perhaps you can move some people from QA to other functions now that much of the work can be automated.

Whatever you do, you’ll have a much better sense of how your financial crime compliance program is operating with our QA Trails. At Cable, we’re experts in Automated Assurance, and we know QA is essential to address controls that cannot be reviewed automatically. With our Automated Assurance product plus our new QA Trails, you can have a complete picture about your controls performance.

We want to hear about your QA! 🙋

To speak with us about how QA Trails can help you, please connect with us here.

Also, if you just have a QA problem causing you frustration, do reach out to us! We’re always excited to build tailored solutions with partners as we expand the capabilities of our QA feature, and we’d love to help you.

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