How to Measure Effectiveness

How to Measure Effectiveness

Over the last few months, we've shared with you the first two parts in our series on the effectiveness of financial crime controls:

The Heavy Cost of Ineffectiveness
Regulators, international standard setters and private sector groups have all started to talk about prioritising financial crime effectiveness over technical compliance. There is growing momentum as more people come to the realisation that financial institutions must be able to prove that what they’…
What Regulators and International Bodies are Saying about Effectiveness
Last month we shared with you the first in our series on the effectiveness of financial crime controls - The Heavy Cost of Ineffectiveness. Now we are diving into what the regulators and international bodies are saying about the topic. In this whitepaper you’ll read about: The global trend towards

Today, we are excited to share the final part with you, which focusses on how to measure the effectiveness of your financial crime controls.

In this whitepaper you'll read about:

  • What you should be measuring in order to understand effectiveness,
  • How to measure effectiveness manually, and the pros and cons of doing so, and
  • How to measure effectiveness automatically, which fundamentally changes and upgrades the nature of your assurance process.

We hope you enjoy it!

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