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Financial Crime Compliance Primer: U.S. Crypto

Financial Crime Compliance Primer: U.S. Crypto

As use of virtual currencies has exploded, the perception of the crypto industry as posing increased financial crime risks remains.

If you work in a crypto business, you need to become familiar with the financial crime obligations that are relevant to you. Ignoring financial crime compliance can undermine your business – whether it’s a partner bank that refuses to enter into a business relationship with you, customers that decide to go with an alternative platform, or a regulator that levies a fine.

This primer will give you a foundational knowledge of U.S. financial crime compliance in the crypto context by addressing the following topics:

  • Why does financial crime compliance matter?
  • What are your financial crime obligations and what will others expect?
  • What are particular areas of financial crime risk you should monitor?
  • What are mistakes to avoid from previous enforcement actions?

Focusing on and investing in your compliance as you grow will provide a strong foundation to scale with confidence!

To learn more about how Cable does automated financial crime assurance, contact our CEO, Natasha, at natasha@cable.tech.

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