Cable joins The Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Association

Cable joins The Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Association

We're pleased to announce Cable's membership in The Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Association, the unified voice for banks and fintechs in the business of Banking-as-a-Service.

With growing regulatory scrutiny of BaaS banking, Cable provides innovative technologies tailored for critical oversight, testing, and assurance challenges in the BaaS industry. This step reinforces Cable’s commitment to enabling BaaS compliance leaders to unlock faster, sustainable growth, while ensuring comprehensive financial crime compliance.

The BaaS Association represents over 80% of current BaaS sponsor banks and plays a pivotal role in bringing together industry stakeholders to promote, support, and provide solutions to the BaaS industry in a safe and compliant way. By facilitating collaboration and fostering partnerships, the association aims to create a robust ecosystem that empowers companies like Cable to shape the future of BaaS banking. As a BaaS Association member, Cable expands a vibrant ecosystem of like-minded organizations, which opens new avenues for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and industry best practices.

Cable CEO, Natasha Vernier, stated, "With compliance proving to be central to successful BaaS models, our BaaS Association membership demonstrates our dedication to delivering cutting-edge oversight, testing, and assurance solutions designed specifically for the BaaS industry. We look forward to working with other BaaS leaders eager to embrace innovation and compliance together."

Cable gives BaaS banks complete confidence in their financial crime regulatory compliance with its Partner Hub, which provides comprehensive compliance infrastructure purpose-built for bank-fintech relationships, including automated risk assessments, automated assurance, partner information and document exchange workflows, quality assurance, management information, reporting, and more. Cable recently raised an $11M Series A and announced partnerships with several US and UK BaaS banks amid growing regulatory scrutiny of bank-fintech partnerships.

“Our goal is to address challenges BaaS banks and fintechs face around awareness, industry standards, and new technology as it emerges,” said Dave Mayo, Co-Founder of The BaaS Association. “When compliance and innovation intersect, massive benefits are realized for banks, fintechs, and ultimately end users that are provided greater access to responsible, new products and services."

About The BaaS Association

The BaaS Association is the voice of the BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) industry. The association promotes, supports, and advocates for BaaS sponsor banks which help serve millions of customers in a safe and compliant manner. The BaaS association represents over 80% of current BaaS sponsor banks operating across the United States.

The BaaS Association provides education, collaboration, and best-in-class practices that serve the unique needs of BaaS Sponsor banks. The BaaS Association also helps establish sound bank-fintech partnerships, including those who provide banking services for underbanked and underserved communities.

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